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Has the Blessed Virgin Mary really appeared in Spain? What are the urgent messages reportedly given for the world? Is there a scientific explanation for the incredible events that took place there?

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What is Garabandal?

During the years 1961 to 1965, the mother of God appeared All British Casino to four children in Northern Spain. This has been substantiated by many thousands of eye witnesses and believed by many millions of people throughout the world, who have since familiarised themselves with the extraordinary events which took place there.

The purpose of the apparitions was to deliver two important Divine messages to humanity. In essence, we were advised that a series of supernatural events would take place; the first of which is a Warning, intended to correct the conscience of mankind. Secondly a Great Miracle coral casino will take place as proof of God's immense love for the world. Thereafter, a Permanent Sign will remain in Garabandal as a constant reminder of the remarkable events that took place there, and as a forewarning of that which may still occur. Finally we are told, that should we fail to accept these happenings and amend our lives accordingly, we will bring upon ourselves a most terrible Chastisement. It will be God's own device to correct the path, redress the balance, restore perspective and right His world.


Many believers in the apparitions of Garabandal have been worried about the effect the death of Pope John Paul II will have in relation to the predictions of Our Blessed Mother. To make the matter as clear as possible, we offer these quotes from Conchita’s own diary...

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